How to Hide My WordPress Plugin Responses

One way of securing your WordPress website is to hide your WordPress security plugin. This will allow you to create a more private and secure environment for your website visitors. This may also help you avoid some security issues with your WordPress blog or website. Hiding your WordPress security plugin will help you do the following:

Hide My WordPress Plugin: There are actually two ways to hide your WordPress security plugin. The first is to not even install the security plugins in the first place. Most of the popular and well known WordPress websites offer a simple click-link that will install the plugin automatically, but that’s about as far as it goes. So when people visit your website they will see your regular theme, but they won’t be able to view any of your hidden files, which can include your private plugin files. To hide your WordPress security plugin, you need to uninstall the plugin before visiting your website

Hide My WordPress Version Number: It is very common for people who install lots of plugins to configure their WordPress website so that whenever they view a page, their plugins load automatically. Unfortunately this means that any time someone clicks on one of these plugins, they will see your regular theme instead. To hide your version number from visitors, you can configure your theme detectors so that when they view your site they will only see the text version of your plugins. If you’re not using your own theme detectors, then this will be very easy to do.

Hide My WordPress Headers And Block Ads: You may already know that most hackers use ad banners to direct people to phishing sites or other attacks. They can even use these ads to track your web browsing history. To hide your WordPress security plugin from being shown to visitors, disable these advertisements. While many themes already have plugins that will disable these types of advertisements, you can still find one that you can set the behavior for. Just find a security plugin with a “block advertising” option. Then every time anyone loads up your blog or website they will see a blank WordPress page or screen where the plugins are loading.

Hide Your WordPress Login Path: Many WordPress users, especially if they frequent forums or other online discussion groups, will change their username and password often. Unfortunately, if you have some type of WordPress security plugin installed, then whenever someone uses your username and password to login to your site, it will automatically change your WordPress login path. This makes it look like someone else is logged in at that exact same location. To hide your WordPress login path, you will need to find a recaptcha template or you can use one of the plugins to prevent this.

Hide My WordPress Security Plugin: A recaptcha is a short code that is added to your WordPress login page. Whenever someone requests your blog or website, you are asked to enter in their name and email address. You can then send them to a page on your site where they can input in their name and email address instead of entering it as a recaptcha. In order to hide a WordPress login page, you can either use a recaptcha or you can install one of the many different WordPress security plugins available. With these steps, you will be able to keep track of who is gaining access to your blog or website.