Review of A Course in Miracles, Author: Louise Lewis

A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman is a well-known self-help book written by the widely-recognized medium, Helen Schucman. The basic premise of the book is that whatever a person can “know” will also be “known” by him/her in a mystical way. For example, knowledge about a certain matter could be interpreted as a feeling or a mental image that one has. According to this concept, knowledge is nothing other than a subjective state of a person. A Course in Miracles thus proposes that people have the power to perceive something that is not presently known to them.

However, when reading A course in miracles, it appears that Helen Schucman draws her information from an inner source. She seems to imply in the text that whatever a person can know is already available to him/her. However, the way Helen Schucman presents this information has left many doubts and unanswered questions. Some have raised doubts on the authenticity of Helen Schucman as a medium or as a teacher, since there are several instances where she makes claims that seem too good to be true.

The workbook for A Course in Miracles includes three sections: an introduction, a main body of information, and a concluding chapter. The introduction section focuses on the background and concept of A Course in Miracles. It contains the basic definitions used throughout the text. The main body of information includes the format and contents of the main chapters of the workbook. These include: The Power of Love, The First Time, The Second Time, The Last Time, and The Secret of Miracles.

In addition to the main body of information found in the workbook, the introduction also includes three additional short sections. These three additional short sections provide an overview of the idea of love, new age, and how these three topics relate to A Course in Miracles. They also provide a short outline of the suggested exercises for the workbook. Finally, the last three sections of the workbook provide detailed descriptions of each of the three sections, the contents of the main body of the text, and recommended resources and reference materials.

The Introduction section begins with a brief description of A Course in Miracles and what the workbook hopes to accomplish. Then, the author briefly describes how she became a medium, the process of training while a student, and the purpose of writing a workbook on the life-changing gift of mediumship. In the Body of A Course in Miracles, the author briefly describes her new age theory and provides a few of her favorite quotes. She then includes the summary of the main concepts found in her book.

Following the introduction, the author provides a detailed account of her new age concept along with a definition of the word “ego.” The next section covers a brief discussion of the meaning behind the term “person,” how it applies to the spiritual world, and how it relates to Jesus Christ and the concept of personality. She then describes a scenario of a person who has developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, she includes a section describing the twelve apostles, twelve ways, and twelve keys to healing found in A Course in Miracles. The final part of the book includes a section titled “Resources”, which includes a prayer for healing, a list of worksheets for meditation, and a short biblical definition of the word “ego.”

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